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August 7, 2021

Today delegates from the 121st Assembly District traveled to Johnson City as to the Democratic nominating convention for the NYS Supreme Court 6th Judicial District. At the convention they nominated Judge Molly Fitzgerald as the Democratic candidate for NYS Supreme Court Justice. She is running for re-election to a second term and will be on your ballot in the general election in November.

More info about this process: This convention was convened by the Chair of the NYS Democratic Committee, pursuant to the provisions of New York State Election Law, for the purpose of nominating a Democratic candidate for the office of Justice of the Supreme Court in the 6th Judicial District. The 6th Judicial District encompasses 10 counties, including Madison County. Delegates and alternate delegates to the convention were elected on Primary Day (June 22, 2021), having been nominated by petitions during the petitioning period in March 2021. The election of Justice of the Supreme Court will occur during the General Election on November 2, 2021.

Madison County judicial delegates with Judge Molly Fitzerald, center.

Find out more about Judge Molly Fitzgerald here!

July 29, 2021

What a great time at the Madison County Democratic Committee "Gratitude Picnic". We were honored that Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul joined us, along with State Senator Rachel May. Can't wait for next year's event!

State Senator Rachel May and Oneida mayoral candidate Margaret Milman-Barris

State Senator Rachel May spoke after dinner

Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul

January 20, 2021


Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris were inaugurated on January 20, 2020 as the President and Vice President of the United States of America!

Friday, July 17, 2020

All state and local candidates in New York had to file their July periodic financial disclosure report by July 15, listing who donated to their campaign, and what they spent campaign funds on. All candidates registered with the NYS Board of Elections are required to file, even if they are not running for office this year. NYS candidates who are running this year also have to submit:

  • 32-day pre-General election disclosure report on October 2

  • 11-day pre-General election disclosure report on October 23

  • 27-day post-General election disclosure report on November 30

You can look up New York candidates' financial disclosure reports on the NYS Board of Elections website here.

You can look up Federal candiates' financial disclosure reports on the Federal Election Commission website here.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Max Smith was appointed on Friday, August 9, by Mayor Leo Matzke to the vacancy for Oneida Wards 4,5,6 Supervisor, due to the resignation of Tom Boylan, who had served in that position since January 2018.

Smith will complete Boylan's term representing Wards 4, 5, and 6 at the Madison County Board of Supervisors, alongside Joe Magliocca.

Photo of Ward 1 Common Councillor Alan Cohen, new Wards 4,5,6 Supervisor Max Smith, Mayor Leo Matke; all smiling; Smith and Matzke shaking hands

Left to right: Ward 1 Common Councillor Alan Cohen, new Wards 4,5,6 Supervisor Max Smith, and Mayor Leo Matzke (photo from Oneida City Clerk facebook page).

Press: Boylan resigns as Oneida supervisor, Max Smith appointed by mayor - Oneida Daily Dispatch, August 12, 2019

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Democratic candidates and members of the Oneida City Democratic Committee gathered at Alexander's in Oneida to wait for results of today's primary election.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Oneida City Democratic Committee held its first annual March Madness fundraiser at the Owls Club. Pizza, wings, and good conversation were shared.

Melissa Stearns, Dan Butterman, and Margaret Milman-Barris have a serious moment discussing business.

Marianne Simberg and Margaret Milman-Barris

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Common Councillors Al Cohen, Mike Bowe, Jim Chamberlain, and other members of the Oneida City Democratic Committee participated in the community meeting for a downtown action strategy at the Kallet Civic Center on January 22.

The City of Oneida and the Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board sought community input on a vision for Oneida's downtown. The ideas will feed into a proposal for the New York State Downtown Revitalization Initiative, a competition for $10 million grants.

Additional community workshops are planned for March 11 and April 24.

Press: Oneida residents work towards $10 million grantOneida Daily Dispatch, January 23, 2019

Photos by Charles Pritchard, Oneida Daily Dispatch

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

It was a very close race, but the absentee ballot counts are finally in and Anthony Brindisi has won.

So many people worked hard to win this election, from his dedicated campign staff to over a thousand local residents who volunteered their time and energy to knock on doors and make phone calls. Together, we got a new representative in Washington D.C.!

Press: Brindisi wins: Lead now exceeds remaining ballots -- Utica Observer-Dispatch, Nov 20, 2018

Rachel May of Syracuse won the election for State Senate. Congratulations!

Press: Rachel May defeats Janet Burman in 53rd NY Senate District -- Syracuse Post-Standard, Nov 7, 2018

Longtime State Assemblyman Bill Magee was defeated by Brookfield Town Supervisor John Salka. We thank Bill Magee for his service.

Press: OUR VIEW: Bill Magee served his constituents well -- Utica Observer-Dispatch, Nov 23, 2018

Judge Elizabeth Burns of Cortland was defeated by Joseph McBride for New York State Supreme Court Justice 6th Judicial District.

Press: McBride Wins State Supreme Court Justice of the Sixth Judicial District -- The Evening Sun, Nov 7, 2018

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

At tonight's Oneida City Democratic Committee meeting, the biennial election of new officers was held. New officers are:

  • Chair - Alan Cohen

  • Vice-chair - Michael Oot

  • Secretary - Jeff Harrington

  • Treasurer - Rick Kinsella

Saturday, November 3, 2018

A busy day today at the Oneida satellite office for Anthony Brindisi's campagin for congress! This weekend we are focusing on the Get Out The Vote effort. Despite a rainy day, local volunteers from Oneida and other nearby areas have been knocked on hundreds of doors today of Brindisi supporters, reminding them to vote on Tuesday.

Here is a group of us getting a bit of last-minute training this morning before we hit the streets canvassing.

Some smiling, local, unpaid volunteers helping Brindisi's campaign organize the Get Out The Vote effort in Oneida.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Information about Proposition 1: Approval of $8 Million Bond Resolution for Glenmore Dam Restoration Project

In the City of Oneida, there will be a proposition on the November 6 ballot to vote on the $8 million bond resolution for the Glenmore Dam restoration project. These restorations were recommended in the the report of the Engineering Assessment that was performed in 2011.

Press: Renovations Planned for Glenmore Reservoir -- Oneida Daily Dispatch 9/27/2018

Glenmore Water Reservoir Renovations on Ballot -- Oneida Daily Dispatch 10/31/2018

Text of the proposition:


Shall the bond resolution adopted by the Common Council of the City of Oneida, dated September 18, 2018, authorizing the construction of improvements to the Glenmore Dam, including incidental costs and expenses, at a maximum estimated cost of $8,000,000; authorizing the issuance of $8,000,000 bonds of said City to pay the cost thereof, to mature over a period not exceeding thirty years; pledging the faith and credit of said City for the payment of the principal of and interest on said bonds; delegating powers to the chief fiscal officer with respect to the issuance and sale of bond anticipation notes and such bods; and providing for an estoppel procedure, be approved?

(from sample ballot on the Madison County Board of Elections website here)

Sunday, October 28, 2018

The Madison County Democratic Committee fall brunch was held today in Cazenovia. There was a great turnout from all corners of the county, getting ready for the last push for the Democratic campaigns this fall. Assemblyman Bill Magee, Rachel May (candidate for State Senate), and Judge Elizabeth Burns of Cortland (candidate for NY State Supreme Court Justice for the 6th Judicial District) spoke, as well as representatives from Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi (candiate for U.S. Congress) and State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli. Each town committee brought a basket for a silent auction, representing their town - the City of Oneida brought "Oneida Rail Trail" and "Hipstir Cafe" baskets.

The Oneida contingent at the Madison County Democratic Committee Fall Brunch.

Oneida Rail Trail basket for the silent auction.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Results of the September 13 Primary Election

Melissa Stearns of Oneida, former Democratic candidate for NY State Supreme Court Justice 6th District -- Thank you for running!

The Democratic Judicial Convention to select the Democratic candidate for New York State Supreme Court Justice 6th District was held in Binghamton on September 22. The 6th Judicial District covers ten counties, including Madison County, and multiple Assembly districts. Each Assembly district within the 6th Judicial District sent delegates to the convention. The delegates met and cast their votes and selected Judge Elizabeth Burns as the nominee. Melissa Stearns of Oneida will not appear on the ballot. The Madison County Democratic Committee had endorsed Melissa Stearns and sent delegates who voted for her, and we were disappointed that she did not get selected.

Judge Elizabeth Burns, however, is also a great candidate. She has many years of experience as a City Court judge in the City of Cortland and also served as Special Counsel to the Administrative Judge for Town and Village Courts across the 6th District in Binghamton. She began her career representing low-income people in civil cases. She says, "I strive everyday to be a judge who treats everyone with consideration and respect, is impartial, truly listens, considers each parties’ position and arguments, and arrives at the decision that is correct and just."

Cortland City Court Judge Elizabeth Burns Gets State Supreme Court Nomination -- The Cortland Voice 9/24/2018

Judge Elizabeth Burns, who was selected during a September 23 judicial convention as the Democratic candidate for NY State Supreme Court Justice 6th District -- Congratulations!

Senator Dave Valesky was defeated in the Democratic primary by Rachel May, but his name remains on the ballot on the Independence Party and Women's Equality Party lines. However, he has announced that he will no longer seek re-election. Per state election law, there is no easy way to remove a candidate from a ballot line once they've been nominated.

NY Sen. Dave Valesky won't continue campaign as independent Syracuse Post-Standard 9/28/2018

We thank Senator Valesky for his 14 years of service to our district.

Assemblyman Bill Magee, who won the September 13 primary election -- Congratulations!

Incumbent Bill Magee was selected in the primary election as the Democratic nominee for NY Assembly District 121, holding off a challenge from Dan Buttermann of Oneonta.

Bill Magee holds off challenge in 121st Assembly District -- Syracuse Post-Standard 9/13/2018

Letter: Election Not The Start Or End of Ambition for Central New York -- Madison County Courier 9/2018

Dan Buttermann of Oneonta, former candidate for NY Assembly District 121 -- Thank you for running!

Friday, June 1, 2018

Friday night, June 1, at the Madison County Democratic Committee James and Dolley Madison Dinner, Mo Campanie was honored for her work spearheading Concert for a Cause. Tish James, Democratic Candidate for NY Attorney General, gave a rousing speech focusing on being a fearless champion protecting the people. Ms. James is currently the New York City Public Advocate. Other speakers included State Senator Dave Valesky, and Melissa Stearns, candidate for NY State Supreme Court 6th District.

Mo Campanie speaks at the James and Dolley Madison dinner, where she was honored for her work for Concert for a Cause.

Tish James, Democratic candidate for NY Attorney General, and Mike Oot, Chairman of the Madison County Democratic Committee, at the James and Dolley Madison dinner.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

At the Madison County Democratic Committee meeting on May 3, members voted on the following endorsements for the 2018 state and federal elections: Dave Valesky, NY State Senate, and Melissa Stearns, NY Supreme Court Judge 6th District. Members were split and no endorsement was made for the NY Assembly race - members wanted to let the primary decide between long-term incumbent Bill Magee and challenger Dan Buttermann. The Madison County Democratic Committee had formerly voted to endorse Anthony Brindisi for Congress in NY-22.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Melissa Stearns Speaks At OCDC Meeting

On March 13, the OCDC welcomed to our meeting Melissa Stearns, an Oneida attorney running for the 6th District of the NYS Supreme Court. Pictured from left to right: Rick Kinsella, Al Cohen, Margaret Milman-Barris, Mike Oot, Melissa Stearns, Jim Chamberlain, Marianne Simberg, and Sam Abernathy.

The 6th District of the NYS Supreme Court covers 10 counties, including Madison County. The district has 10 NYS supreme court judge spots, one of which is up for election this year. It is a vacancy left when Kevin Dowd retired in 2017. If elected, Melissa Stearns would be the only elected 6th District Supreme Court judge in Madison County. Judge Donald Cerio is a Court of Claims judge, who has been appointed by the state as an acting Supreme Court judge and seated in Madison County. The NYS Supreme Court Judge position is for a 14-year term.

Melissa Stearns has been the principal law clerk (attorney) to Judge Cerio for the past 10 years. Prior to that, she was a prosecutor in the Madison County District Attorney's office from 1996 through 2008. At our meeting on March 13, she described to us her vision that she wants everyone to leave the courtroom feeling like they have been heard, and knowing that the judge has to explain the process to litigants up front.

Melissa also answered our questions about herself, the court system, and the judge election process. Unlike most political candidates who pass a simple petition to get on the ballot, for judicial elections, petitions are passed by each Assembly district for a slate of delegates, who attend a convention and then nominate the candidate. The slate of delegates and candidates do run on a party line (i.e., Democrat, etc.), so only registered Democrats will be able to sign the petitions. Because there are multiple Assembly districts in the 6th judicial district, in theory each Assembly district's Democrats could pass a petition for a different slate of delegates, which would force a primary! The petitions (for the slate of delegates) will be passed in June, and the convention to select the candidate will be in September, and of course the general election will be in November.

We are excited to have an experienced Oneida candidate running as a Democrat for this judge position.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Oneida City Democratic Committee endorses Anthony Brindisi for Congress

Anthony Brindisi spoke at the Oneida City Democratic Committee meeting tonight and received our enthusiastic endorsement for Congress. He spent almost two hours taking questions and discussing issues with about 30 of us. He is an honest, straightforward man with thoughtful, compassionate positions on the issues facing our district.

Oneida City Democratic Committee members with Congressional Candidate Anthony Brindisi