Oneida City

Democratic Committee

Alan Cohen

Candidate for Common Council Ward 1

I have a vision for Oneida and will:

Present a responsible budget. We need to increase revenue through grants and joint public/private ventures. We also need to reduce operating expenses.

We need to continue to explore green initiatives that reduce utility costs and promote a healthy environment.

  • I promoted the decision to switch to LED and/or other energy efficient products to save the city over $200,000 annually.
  • I am in current discussions to explore the use of hydro power to create revenue and attract new business.

Recruit businesses that offer middle class wages and above so our kids can work here.

  • Creating a business-friendly environment that provides the infrastructure needed for current and future business expansion is critical. Maintaining and expanding our water and treatment facilities is key to this expansion.

With the flood buyout and FEMA restrictions tied to their sales, we need to

  • look at new ways to revitalize that portion of our city. A well-planned parks, recreation, arts and leisure district could revitalize the center of the city by attracting sports, recreation, and arts enthusiast and promote business expansion.

We need to plan for our future.

  • I have a vision for Oneida that will create jobs, develop tourism, keep our kids here, and promote growth in a healthy and sustainable manner.

If you share my vision for better tomorrows, please support me on Election Day.

Vote for Alan Cohen on Tuesday, November 5th

St Paul's Church, 551 Sayles St. Oneida