Oneida City

Democratic Committee

Jim Chamberlain

Candidate for Mayor

My list of 11 policies and practices, that will be put in place before the end of the first 60 days of being Elected Mayor of The City of Oneida:

  1. Delegate Each of the six Councilors to regularly "Pin-Point" problems in Their Wards, such as poor street, sidewalk, and drainage conditions, as well as issues reported by Residents and copy those reports to the Mayor and City Engineer, so a compiling list can be kept updated for scheduling and prioritizing the proper and timely repairs or action.
  2. By working with the Police Chief, I will increase the presence of our great Police Force in public, by regularly visiting Downtown Businesses, and continue bike and foot patrols throughout our streets. The Police Dept. are always on board with promoting interaction with Businesses and Residents!
  3. Reinstitute regular monthly Department Head meetings. This creates good Communication and sharing of ideas and current issues.
  4. Appoint a Committee to research possibilities regarding options to address and change the way residential and commercial buildings are left unoccupied and empty, while the owners just keep property taxes paid. This has gone on to long, and needs serious attention.
  5. Appoint and delegate Committees as needed, to research issues that come before the Council to keep issues moving forward and speed up possible solutions. Example: The Committee that I appointed last year to look into changing the City's LED sign Ordinance. Two Councilors were appointed and a new amended ordinance was adopted in about three months.The City has finally caught up to the times with these types of signs!
  6. Dept. Heads with scheduled Common Council agenda items that are listed, will be required to attend those meetings or designate someone from their Dept. with knowledge of the item, in case of possible questions being asked.
  7. Changes will be made to the way Residents and Businesses are notified of any code or safetly violation(s). The present form, wording and procedure will be changed.
  8. I will reinstitute the City Employee of the Quarter Award & Recognition, the Employee of the Year and the Annual Employee Picnic will be scheduled every year!
  9. I will schedule regular monthly meetings with The Police Chief and Fire Chief to discuss ways and possible ideas each of the Depts. could cut costs and save money without effecting safety and services.
  10. Form a Committee to research how the City can become (more) involved with the shared services program with the County and other surrounding Municipalities, Towns and Villages.
  11. Create a Volunteer group, that will come up with ideas that can effectively change the way that our City looks in appearence, and issues and problem solving ideas, such as keeping downtown clean and always picking up debris and litter on our streets throughout our City, and to schedule the annual Oneida Clean-up Day every year!

Focused on Oneida's Future!

Press: Chamberlain talks 11 practices and policies if elected Oneida mayor - Oneida Daily Dispatch, March 4, 2019

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