Oneida City

Democratic Committee

Michael Bowe

Candidate for Common Council Ward 2

I was born in Oneida in 1954. I was educated in the Oneida City School District, class of 1972. I attended Le Moyne College with a major course concentration in accounting, and then received my AAS degree in Civil Engineering Technology from MVCC.

I worked part time for the City of Oneida Public Works/Engineering Department (Engineering Aide in the summers of ’73 and ‘74 and winter break ‘74/75). I was hired by the City of Oneida full time in March 1975 as a Draftsman. I was promoted in 1984 to Civil Engineer I, and promoted again in 1988 to Assistant City Engineer, a position I held until retirement in November 2011.

I took a job as a (PSE) with the US Postal Service 11/11 till 07/12. I also worked part time for the City of Oneida in my former capacity from November 2011 to May of 2012. In December of 2012 I took a job with the Parks & Recreation Department (I resigned mid-October 2013 prior to the election). I was first elected to Common Council Ward 2 in fall 2013.

I worked at OCM BOCES, as the Central Receiving and Mail Manager from 09/14 to 12/15. I am now in a job (since 12/2015) that allows me to work with some of the people I advocated for while on the ARC board. I am the recycling manager for the Madison County MRF (operated for the county by Madison Cortland NYSARC, Inc.).

I am married; we have a daughter and a son. Our daughter will graduate in May from Emory University graduate school with a master’s degree in Public Health. Our son will graduate in May with a degree in Software Engineering from RIT.

During my employment with the City I have worked with eight (8) different Mayors and countless council members. I believe that I have worked both professionally and well, with each of them regardless of their or my political affiliation. I firmly believe that, once the elections are over, we all are working together for the best interest of the City of Oneida, and have always carried myself that way. If reelected I plan to carry myself in that same manner.

I have always tried to be involved in my community. I have coached youth basketball, baseball, softball, and soccer. I served on the land sale committee, traffic safety board, and the safety committee. I also have served on the ARC of Madison Cortland board for over twenty years (Budget and Finance, Personnel, Nominating, and Residential Committees). I served as board president for three terms.

I am seeking my fourth term as Ward 2 Councilor. I attend all meetings (2 out of 124± missed, none since 2015). I am in touch with my constituents. I believe in open government, affordable taxes, while at the same time trying to maintain services. I have asked questions, sometimes for myself and most of the time to offer an explanation to the public at our meetings. I hope to earn your support and continue our work.