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Support the 2020 Challenge

We recognize that 2020 is a critical year and we plan to be up to the challenge. Since the 20th week of 2020 is over on May 20th we are seeking donations in $20 increments. Each $20 donation will equal one vote for member participants to complete the challenge they have accepted. A $100 donation will count as 5 votes!

Al Cohen, OCDC chair, has agreed to shave his head if he is the top vote getter. The treasurer, Rick Kinsella, has accepted a challenge to play 20 consecutive rounds of golf wearing a hot pink outfit. Marianne Simberg will caddie (but not for 20). Leo Matzke, the longest serving mayor of Oneida (along with his family) will perform a medley of patriotic tunes on kazoos during the Memorial Day Parade. Who wouldn’t want to see the Matzke Clan Kazoo Band perform? We also have Jeff Harrington dyeing his hair the color of the highest donor’s choice, John Nichols getting a complete makeover from his daughter Becky (and if you know Becky, John will be a sight for sore eyes!), and council member Jim Coulthart will take custard pies to the face.

Given the coronavirus has hit here, all challenges will be done publicly when safe to do so or posted online for all to view in the safety and comfort of home. All votes will be tabulated and the “winner” will perform their challenge shortly thereafter!

Donate by using ActBlue online (links below) or send checks to the OCDC c/o Rick Kinsella, 452 Main St, Oneida, NY 13421. Donations should be made online or postmarked by May 20th.

I triple dog dare you!!!

Special Election 2020 -

Oneida Common Council Ward 4

George Lighthall (D) will be running in the special election for 4th Ward Oneida Common Councillor. There will be a special election for this seat because last year's only candidate, Republican Gary Reisman, moved out of the ward before the election and therefore was not able to take the position, leaving a vacancy. 2020's new Mayor, Helen Acker, made an appointment to fill the vacancy, Republican Michelle Kinville. Because the appointment was made at the start of the two-year term, there will be a special election in November 2020 for the remainder of the term.

Absentee Ballots for the Primary Election:

Apply by mail for absentee ballot by June 16

Apply in person for absentee ballot by June 22

*** Pursuant to Governor Cuomo's announcement, those wishing to vote by absentee ballot because of COVID-19 concerns, may select "TEMPORARY ILLNESS" on the absentee ballot application. ***

Need more info? Try this:

NYS Board of Elections Presidential Primary Calendar

Verify your NYS voter registration:

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President, U.S. Congress, NY Senate, NY Assembly, and Judicial Races In 2020

The federal Presidential Primary in New York was postponed and rescheduled to be held on June 23, 2020

Primary elections for all races will be held on June 23. Early voting will be June 13-21.

The General Election will be November 3. Early voting will be October 24 - November 1.

More info can be found on the NYS Board of Elections 2020 Political Calendar.

Other News

We are looking forward to the many excellent Democratic candidates running in the 2020 elections. Stay tuned for more!

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