Oneida City

Democratic Committee

About Us

The Oneida City Democratic Committee is organized under the by-laws of the Madison County Democratic Committee, Section 4 parts A through E, in accordance with Article II of the Election Law of the State of New York.

Executive Committee

Chair - Alan Cohen

Vice Chair - Mike Oot

Secretary - Jeff Harrington

Treasurer - Rick Kinsella

COMING SOON - Petitions were circulated in March 2020 for members of the Madison County Democratic Committee, which includes members of the Oneida City Democratic Committee because it is a subcommittee of the Madison County Democratic Committee. Committee members are included in the overall list of petitions filed, available on the Madison County Board of Elections website here. These committee members' terms will officially start at the next Madison County Democratic Committee reorganizational meeting in September 2020:

Ward 1 - Al Cohen, Jeffrey Harrington, Margaret Milman-Barris

Ward 2 - Rick Kinsella, John Nichols, Michael Oot

Ward 3 - Jim Coulthart, Leo Matzke, Marianne Simberg

Ward 4 - Melissa Stearns, George Lighthall

Ward 5 - Dawn Bradford, Christopher Bradford