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Moving forward is looking ahead, forming our coalition and creating a legacy to be proud of. Moving Forward is looking in the rearview mirror at ways we can learn from our past to create our future. As a City we can define together what our Moving Forward looks like and build a legacy.

--- Lynne

Vote for Lynne McHugh on November 8

Why is there an election for Ward 1 Common Councillor this year?

Usually, local elections for Common Council, Mayor, and Supervisors happen in odd-numbered years. In 2022, however, there will be an election for Ward 1 Common Council. This is because the former Ward 1 Councilor, elected just seven months before, moved out of Ward 1 and sold his house on July 8, creating a vacancy, and thereby creating the opportunity for political parties to nominate candidates for an election this November. Even though there was no public announcement — either by the former Councillor that he was leaving, or by the Mayor that she was appointing a temporary replacement and there was the opportunity for an electionLynne hustled to find out what she needed to do to get on the ballot, so Ward 1 voters this fall will have a choice.

Meet Lynne

Childhood for Lynne meant shopping at HL Greens, entering the costume contest at the Kallet Halloween parties, Brownies and Girl Scouts, popping popcorn at Craft Days and creating crafts at the Madison County Historical Society’s children’s programs. It was growing up in a single-parent family where working together was vital and work ethic, integrity, responsibility and honesty were strong.

Lynne's mother, Oneida High School teacher Mary Jeanne Bialas, taught her the importance of volunteerism at a young age. Lynne volunteered at the Madison County Historical Society, park programs, church and school programs, and the Oneida Public Library. As a teen, she was a counselor at Camp Lookout in Madison County and the Sherrill Park Program. She worked at Fay’s Drug Store as a cashier and waited tables at Sylvan Beach in the summer.

Lynne lives with her husband, daughter, and two dogs.


  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who runs a successful private practice in Oneida.

  • Active in Willard Prior Elementary School PTO

  • Has also worked for various non-profit agencies and with victims and survivors of abuse

  • Previously worked at Brightside Children’s Center to prevent psychiatric hospitalization in children and teens. This experience taught her to navigate and work within mental health care and social service systems.

  • Bachelor’s degree from the University of Rochester

  • Master’s degree from Springfield College


Improving communication between the city and the public

  • On July 20th, the newly launched Oneida City website posted information about an opportunity for Oneida residents to receive financial assistance to repair their sidewalks . Barely anyone was aware that this was happening, and 9 days is not much time to consider if this expense is feasible for most families. There was nothing announced at the last Council meeting about it. Was anyone able to take advantage of this? Is there any possibility the city will extend the deadline? Are all the spots taken? If elected, Lynne would make sure Ward 1 residents know about these opportunities as they arise so they know how the city is working to help THEM.

Supporting local law enforcement’s commitment to making Oneida safe

Advocating for Ward One by making responsible, informed decisions


McHugh Running for Oneida Common Council - July 28, 2022 Madison County Courier

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Lynne McHugh

on November 8